Mastering the black & white elegance

Our tips on how to get a minimalist and sophisticated monochrome kitchen. 

Whether it's through combining marble designs, kitchen appliances, or furniture, the monochrome palette will give you a minimalist and a sophisticated design. Here is our top picks on how to reach the result you want.   

White Kitchen

Monochrome Interior Design Tips

White Seating Chair
Black Chair

Black elements in your kitchen interior

Until you get comfortable with a complete monochrome look, introduce small elements in your kitchen such as a black lamp with geometric designs, chairs, or small kitchen appliances. You can also experiment with using tile stickers. If you want a softer look, think about introducing some wooden details.  

Window Kitchen Open

Black & white marble

Once you are ready for bigger changes, you can experiment using marble with different styles, don't be afraid of mixing black marble in the kitchen wall with white in the countertops. If done well, the result will give you a sleek, and modern look. If marble not your cup of tea, experiment using black and white floor tiles.   

White Window Kitchen

Natural white with big windows

If you are thinking about a kitchen renovation anytime soon, think about making use of the natural light through big glass windows and a white ceiling. This will create a light reflection in your ceiling that will flood your kitchen with light. As a result you can go bold with black kitchen goods without making your kitchen dark.   

Open Kitchen White

Black accent on white background

If you are to keep white kitchen interior but still want to avoid plain white design, add black elements in your kitchen. Try black sink with dark kitchen accessories and appliances. Additionally, experiment with making your tiles white and grey to give your kitchen dimension. 

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