Bring colour to your kitchen with pastel

Our tips on how to add colour to your kitchen with pastel.

Colour is a powerful element in design that can completely change the mood of your kitchen. Express your individualism with a splash of colour and add subtle pastel shades to your kitchen design for a vibrant and bright feel while keeping neutral palette tone. The candy vibe of the pastel colour will bring brightness and positive vibe to start your mornings or enjoy family cooking time. 

Blue and Pink pastel macarons

Pastel Interior Design Tips

White Kitchen

Pastel accent on your kitchen furniture

Add colours to unexpected places in your kitchen. Make a distinguishable touch of colour by adding pastels to your kitchen furniture. Create bright atmosphere by painting your kitchen drawers or cabinets in pastel colour. Mint hue, cotton candy pink and baby blue are a great colour choice to add character to your kitchen. 

Pastel Tea Set

Pastel kitchen appliances and accessories

Introduce only small elements of the pastel palette to your kitchen. If you have a neutral interior, you can add colour with pastel kitchen appliances and accessories. If you'd rather keep your kitchen cabinets white, add personality with pastel plates, table mats or cookware. Create a twist to a neutral kitchen interior with a pastel accent on individual elements in your kitchen for soft vibrant atmosphere.

Pastel and White Sofa Area

Decorate with pastel: cushions, window blinds..

You will find plenty elements in your kitchen where you can add a splash of pastel. If you think about kitchen renovation, we would recommend creating a sitting area near your kitchen window to enjoy sunny mornings and beautiful evenings. This breakout area would be a great place to add a pastel shade to your kitchen interior. Match pillow colours with your kitchen appliances, wall or kitchen furniture - a subtle way to change your kitchen atmosphere. 

Dog wearing pastel shirt

Pet-friendly kitchen area with pastel finish

Make your kitchen pet-friendly with a special place for your pet. Create a nice cosy corner dedicated to your pet to make you company while cooking. Why not add some pastel colours there? 

Contemporary Dining Area

Tables, chairs or tiles with pastel hue

Add colour to your interior by introducing pastel shades to your kitchen furniture: table, chairs or to your kitchen tiles. Complement with pastel kitchen appliances to make a finishing look of an individualistic and sophisticated kitchen design.   

Pastel Pink Roses

Vintage kitchen with pastel notes

Create a vintage kitchen style with pastel and floral elements in your interior design. Try a retro kitchen design and walk into a kitchen that feels like spring and summer every day. Combine with white or wood furniture to add neutral tones to the look.

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